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Causes of Vitamin A Deficiency. Vitamin A deficiency is caused by the lack of vitamin A. There could be a number of reasons for vitamin A deficiency. However, the general lack of food and overall deficiency of vitamins and nutrients are associated with Vitamin A hypovitaminosis. However, less intake of animal sources of food like meat and dairy products and less consumption of green leafy vegetables and fruits are also some known causes. As an estimation, 1/3 children under five years of age. What are the causes of vitamin A deficiency? Vitamin A deficiency may be caused by prolonged inadequate intake of vitamin A. This is especially so when rice is the main food in your diet (rice doesn't contain any carotene). Vitamin A deficiency may also occur when your body is unable to make use of the vitamin A in your diet. This may occur in a variety of illnesses, including Massive urine excretion can also cause vitamin A deficiency. People with UTI, tuberculosis, nephritis, pneumonia and cancer may result to urine over excretion. Hepatic patients may also develop deficiency in vitamin A due to the inability of the body to store vitamin A. Can Vitamin A Deficiency Be Prevented? Vitamin A deficiency can be prevented by eating foods that are rich source of vitamin A. Some of the foods that you can include in your diet are beef, liver, chicken, whole milk, eggs. Vitamin A toxicity usually results from taking too much of the vitamin in supplement form. It can cause serious issues, including vision changes, mouth ulcers, confusion and birth defects

Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) or hypovitaminosis A is a lack of vitamin A in blood and tissues. It is common in poorer countries, especially among children and women of reproductive age, but is rarely seen in more developed countries. Nyctalopia (night blindness) is one of the first signs of VAD. Xerophthalmia, keratomalacia, and complete blindness can also occur since vitamin A has a major role. In pregnant women, vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness and may contribute to maternal mortality. Vitamin A deficiency also harms the immune system (the body's ability to fight disease). This increases the chance of death from malaria, measles and diarrhea Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable childhood blindness and increases the risk of death from common childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea. Periodic, high-dose vitamin A supplementation is a proven, low-cost intervention[1] which has been shown to reduce all-cause mortality by 12 to 24 per cent[2], and is therefore an important programme in support of efforts to reduce child mortality. The World Health Organization has classified vitamin A deficiency as a public health.

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  1. A deficiency . Summary. Vita
  2. deficiencies that may be causing you additional or unnecessary anxiety. 1. Iron Deficiency. If you've been wondering what vita
  3. B deficiency: a non-balanced diet, excessive alcohol consumption, various medications (such as proton-pump inhibitors, or PPIs), and gut malabsorption conditions
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  5. D deficiency: 1. Fatigue. There are many causes of feeling tired, and vita
  6. deficiency anemia develops when your body has a shortage of the vita

Disorders that impair the intestine's absorption of fats can reduce the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamin A and increase the risk of vitamin A deficiency. These disorders include chronic diarrhea , celiac disease , cystic fibrosis , certain pancreatic disorders, and blockage of the bile ducts A B12 deficiency can be caused not only by inadequate amounts of the vitamin in the diet but also by poor absorption in the gut. Here's a roundup of all the factors that may cause (or increase your risk of) vitamin B12 deficiency. 1. Veganism Or Vegetarianis However, it may also be caused by an insufficient intake of iron and B vitamins, particularly riboflavin (10, 11, 12, 13). Foods rich in iron include poultry, meat, fish, legumes, dark leafy. Vitamin A deficiency causes anemia and dry eyes. Beyond use as an oral supplement, vitamin A is used in topical creams to reduce fine wrinkles, splotches and roughness and treat acne. Our take. Caution. A healthy and varied diet will provide most people with enough vitamin A. If you're interested in the antioxidant properties of vitamin A, food sources are best. It's not clear if vitamin A.

Osteomalacia is most often caused by severe vitamin D deficiency and is characterized by the softening of the bones. In children and young adults, this can lead to bowing of the bones, particularly in the legs. In older adults, osteomalacia can lead to fractures, bone loss, and deteriorating bone health. How to get more vitamin D. Exposure to sunshine, specific foods in one's diet, and. Moreover, the emphysema caused by smoking cigarettes also may be provoked by a deficiency of local vitamin A of the lungs. Rats exposed to cigarette smoke showed a decrease in vitamin A levels in serum, lung and liver, which were associated with areas of emphysema and inflammation in lung similar to that seen in VAD lungs. Furthermore, adult ferrets exposed to cigarette smoke revealed an.

If you get diagnosed with anemia—or a red blood cell deficiency—and you're not sure what the root cause is, you should consider getting your vitamin A levels checked. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Dietary Supplements notes that people with vitamin A deficiency tend to have low iron status, which can lead to anemia What problems does vitamin D deficiency cause? Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a loss of bone density, which can contribute to osteoporosis and fractures (broken bones). Severe vitamin D deficiency can also lead to other diseases. In children, it can cause rickets. Rickets is a rare disease that causes the bones to become soft and bend. African American infants and children are at higher risk of getting rickets. In adults, severe vitamin D deficiency leads to osteomalacia. Vitamin D deficiency causes the bones to become depleted of calcium, which further weakens the bones and increases the risk of fractures. 2. Asthma. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to lower lung functions and controlling asthma is more difficult, especially in children. The vitamin D can improve control of asthma by blocking proteins that cause inflammation in the lung, as well as increased. Its deficiency cause bone and joint pain. Vitamin D deficiency is also reported to increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory disease that causes joint pain. Fractures; The normal vitamin D levels in the body support the absorption of calcium and thereby maintain bone health. Its deficiency makes this process reverse and results in fragile bones that are at high risk of getting. Different Types of Vitamin Deficiency. Vitamin A Deficiency Can affect Cells and tissues of the body.Lack of vitamin A in the body cause such symptoms: Anemia, thinning of the hair, skin damage, delayed puberty, and eye disorders. You may also notice that your nails are brittle, chipped, or cracked

Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children worldwide. Impaired dark adaptation (night blindness) due to lack of the photoreceptor pigment rhodopsin. Xerophthalmia: dry, thickened conjunctiva and cornea; Bitot spots: keratinized growths (metaplasia) on the conjunctivae causing hazy vision; Keratomalacia: corneal erosions and ulceration; Vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin E deficiency can cause Purkinje neurons to break down. This would impair their ability to transmit signals, leading to walking difficulties and coordination issues. Lack of vitamin E can repress the immune cells, leading to poor immunity and an increased risk of diseases. Deficiency of vitamin E can eventually lead to loss of vision. These are some of the common symptoms that indicate. Vitamin D insufficiency is a widespread health problem, found in as much as 80% of people living in the United States. Most people with vitamin D deficiency suffer from diseases such as indigestion, seasonal depression, obesity, immune deficiency, dementia, skin, and itching, while it can also lead to diseases such as type 1 diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and cancer Vitamin A deficiency is one of the top causes of preventable blindness in children . People with vitamin A deficiency (and, often, xerophthalmia with its characteristic Bitot's spots) tend to have low iron status, which can lead to anemia [3,12] The cause of vitamin A deficiency is not getting enough vitamin A in the body or having an underlying issue that results in the body not absorbing or utilizing vitamin A effectively. According to.

Vitamin A deficiency is a common cause of blindness in developing countries. The skin becomes dry and scaly, and the lining of the lungs, intestine, and urinary tract thicken and stiffen. The immune system does not function normally, making infections more likely, particularly in infants and children. Children's growth and development may be slowed. More than half of children with severe. Causes of Vitamin A Deficiency. The best way to eradicate a problem is to discover what is causing it. Vitamin A deficiency, as is apparent from above-state information can lead to some serious health issues. It is important that everyone and especially pregnant mothers know about this as their vitamin A deficiency affects two people. Following is a list of some direct and indirect causes of.

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Vitamin A deficiency can be caused by two things. You're not getting enough vitamin A. An underlying issue is preventing your body from properly absorbing or using vitamin A In fact, vitamin A deficiency is the main cause of preventable blindness in children - but one that is more commonly observed in the developing world. 9 10. Advertisements. 6. Frequent Infections. Frequent throat, chest, bladder, or stomach infections accompanied by eye problems may indicate a vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A has earned the name the anti-infective vitamin because of its. Vitamin deficiencies can cause hair loss, or make existing hair loss worse. Here's what you need to know to correct the problem and protect yourself from hair loss Both vitamin B12 and vitamin A deficiencies may also cause itchy skin, so if you are experiencing chronically itchy skin, getting your level of these vitamins tested can be helpful. This testing will help determine whether these deficiencies are at the root of your skin sensitivities and itchiness. Both vitamin B12 and vitamin A deficiency are accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue.

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  4. deficiency is the condition of a long-term lack of a vita
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  6. deficiency causes ridges in fingernails in case you find them first try to focus on healthy eating, and even after this if they don't go away consult your doctor. Sudheendra Reddy. Sudheendra is a passionate blogger for 8 years and holds a Degree in Journalism & Mass Communications. His writings particularly focus on health, medicine, diet & lifestyle.

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  1. B12 deficiency) may help relieve tinnitus symptoms. Other possible treatment options include: Acoustic therapy or sound therapy. Sound therapy involves the use of sounds to help the brain refocus and reduce the emotional distress caused by tinnitus. Hearing aids. Even if there is no hearing loss present, hearing aids can be equipped with a.
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  3. deficient, then of course, you'll feel tired all the time because your food is not being converted properly, to keep you up and active. And which are these vita
  4. B12 deficiency in the UK, confirmed the NHS. People in later life tend to develop this autoimmune condition; it involves the immune system attacking healthy cells in the stomach. These cells would otherwise create an important protein known as intrinsic factor. Intrinsic factor is needed to bind with vita
  5. Deficiency Causes Anxiety? A healthy diet means you're getting those essential nutrients for your body to function optimally. If you're deficient in anything, it can lead to certain health issues - one being increased anxiety. So it's vital to supplement if required. Here are a couple of examples: Vita
  6. deficiencies cause more than one symptom, and some symptoms (like sleepiness) can occur as a result of a few different vita

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What vitamin deficiency causes vertical lines in fingernails? You might be lacking some Vitamin A, protein, calcium, and zinc if you see some ridges in your fingernails. You might not think that this is harmless, but there's an underlying issue that you are missing. A Must-Read: Toenail Clippers for Arthritic Hand What is vitamin deficiency: symptoms, causes & prevention. Vitamin deficiency refers to a deficiency in certain vitamins including vitamins B12, C, D and folate. This can occur due to a diet not containing enough of these vitamins, or the result of a condition affecting the body's ability to absorb and / or process them. Vitamin deficiency anaemia can lead to serious health complications as. Vitamin A deficiency is associated with an increased risk of visual illnesses. Anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency. A vitamin B12 or cobalamin deficiency causes a type of anemia called pernicious anemia. This substance contains cobalt, a necessary mineral for the production of red blood cells Although vitamin deficiency is the most common cause of excessive bruising, there are some serious medical conditions which could also be to blame. Cancer and diabetes are both potential serious causes of bruising, and they should be ruled out before treatment can begin. Patients who are taking any over the counter or prescription drugs or supplements should speak with a doctor or pharmacist. Vitamin D deficiency: Symptoms, causes & risk. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the common nutritional deficiencies found among adults and children, as well as it is the common undiagnosed medical condition across the globe. Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin that helps in keeping your bones strong. Recent research suggests that Vitamin D protects you from a lot of health problems.

Vitamin A. Vitamin A is involved in immune function, skin health, vision, reproduction and cellular communication. Signs and symptoms of deficiency: Night blindness. Dry skin and hair. Red or white acne-like bumps (on cheeks, arms, thighs or buttocks) Recurring conjunctivitis. Colour-blindness. Infected, ulcerated eyes So the answer to the question would be that the main disease which is caused by deficiency of Vitamin B is Beri-Beri And the other diseases caused by vitamin B are Explained in below. Now I am going to tell you about the deficiencies of Vitamin B in detail and diseases caused by it. I'll also explain about the different Sources of Vitamin B This is why most causes of deficiency of vitamin C involve an improper diet. Some of these are as follows: A diet lacking vitamin C-rich fresh vegetables and fruits; A restrictive diet due to health conditions like weak digestive system, allergies, etc. Mental health issues and other disorders like anorexia ; Old age; Besides, there can be a number of other causes for lack of vitamin C. These. Conversely, a vitamin deficiency can cause or worsen a dry scalp or even your dandruff. With the exception of a few vitamins, our body is not able to produce vitamins by itself. There are 13 vitamins that are essential for our body's cells to function effectively. This means that we need to acquire vitamins either through food or supplements. Maintaining good vitamin levels can help you to.

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  1. D Deficiency. As you can see, a deficiency of vita
  2. B12 deficiency symptoms include canker sores, a swollen tongue, and fatigue. B12 deficiency is often caused by veganism, Crohn's disease, or pernicious anemia
  3. B12 deficiency is not the cause for OCD, it can be a risk factor for it. (2) Do Antidepressants Help OCD? Antidepressants are usually tried first in the treatment of OCD. Psychiatric medicines can help the condition of OCD by controlling the obsessions and compulsions. Antidepressants like clomipra
  4. s. In addition to iron, your body requires folate and vita

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  1. B12 deficiency. Pernicious anemia is a common cause of vita
  2. B12 deficiency may be veganism's greatest issue. Yet many on either side of the veganism debate are still confused about its causes, consequences, and potential solutions
  3. D deficiency. Vita
  4. K deficiency, including malnutrition, the overuse of antibiotics, and a number of different diseases that affect body's absorption of nutrients. An individual who believes he or she is suffering from a deficiency should consult a physician, who can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate medication or treatment plan. Peas are high in.
  5. B5 deficiency will experience symptoms which include headache, insomnia and tingling of hands and feet. Causes of Pantothenic Acid Deficiency. Pantothenic acid deficiency in adults is very rare. This is because vita
  6. A deficiency can result from inadequate intake, fat malabsorption, or liver disorders. Deficiency impairs immunity and hematopoiesis and causes rashes and typical ocular effects (eg, xerophthalmia, night blindness). Diagnosis is based on typical ocular findings and low vita
  7. A deficiency is a common cause of blindness in developing countries. The skin becomes dry and scaly, and the lining of the lungs, intestine, and urinary tract thicken and stiffen. The immune system does not function normally, making infections more likely, particularly in infants and children. Children's growth and development may be slowed. More than half of children with severe.

When children with vitamin A deficiency (which is rare in North America) get measles, the disease tends to be more severe. In these children, taking supplements with high doses of vitamin A can shorten the fever and diarrhea caused by measles. These supplements can also lower the risk of death in children with measles who live in developing countries where vitamin A deficiency is common. Can. Few common diseases caused by a deficiency of vitamins and minerals include; Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is caused by calcium and vitamin D deficiency. Is characterized by reduced bone density, bone loss, and risk of fractures. Rickets. Caused by vitamin D and calcium deficiency; Leads to soft and weak bones ; The condition affects infants and children resulting in delayed growth, bowed legs. Deficiencies of essential vitamins or minerals such as Vitamin A, iron, and zinc may be caused by long-term shortages of nutritious food or by infections such as intestinal worms. They may also be caused or exacerbated when illnesses (such as diarrhoea or malaria) cause rapid loss of nutrients through feces or vomit Also read: Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment. Lack of the right amount of vitamin A in your body can also lead to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is the leading cause of blindness in the developed world. And as per studies, vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children, globally Causes. Vitamin B12 deficiency can have many causes. If you think you may be vitamin B12 deficient, please see our What to do next page for more information on your next steps. The six most commonly identified causes of B12 deficiency are An inability to absorb B12 from food. Please note, vitamin B12 is only found naturally in animal products. A diet deficient in B12- for example.

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A folic acid deficiency causes a variety of symptoms triggered by a decrease in the amount of oxygen in your body. Sometimes it can result in a condition known as folate deficiency anaemia. Folate is a vital B vitamin, but one that your body can't build up and store for long periods. So rather than bolstering your reserves, any excess folic acid is excreted when you perspire or urinate. To. What If Vitamin D Deficiency Is a Cause of Autism? A few researchers are turning their attention to the sunshine vitamin as a culprit, prompted by the experience of immigrants that have moved from.

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A deficiency in vitamin D leads to rickets, a condition that causes weak and frail bones. The most common cause of vitamin D deficiency is lack of exposure to sunlight, since the skin produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun. Apart from its weakening effects on bone, vitamin D deficiency also causes bone pain, weakness and numbness in the extremities What Causes Vitamin D Deficiency? The primary source of vitamin D is sunlight so if less exposure to sunlight can cause its deficiency. Less exposure to the sunlight can occur if you are homebound, live in northern latitudes, wear long robes or head coverings for most of the time, or have an occupation that prevents sun exposure. Moreover, during winter, vitamin D deficiency can be more. A deficiency could be causing your headaches. Sarah Schmalbruch/INSIDER. Diet and lifestyle factors contribute to deficiencies that may cause headaches. Vitamin D deficiency may contribute to the frequency and intensity of headaches. Choosing food high in certain vitamins and supplementing when needed can help decrease headaches

Vitamin A deficiency can make it more difficult for you to see properly, especially at night. It can also make it hard for your body to fight infections. You may be deficient in vitamin A if your body is unable to absorb it properly from your food. This may happen if you: drink a lot of alcohol; have a medical condition such as anorexia nervosa, liver disease, cystic fibrosis or coeliac. Deficiency [in vitamin B2] can cause inflammation of the skin, says Kristine Arthur, MD, an internist at MemorialCare Medical Group in California. If you are on an extreme diet or have a digestive issue like celiac disease, then pay extra close attention to this subtle symptom. Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms . 8. Wrinkles. Shutterstock Too little vitamin C will increase signs of aging such.

Seborrheic dermatitis can be caused due to several factors, such as a poor nutrient diet. For instances, taking low levels of nutrients like zinc and some of the most essential vitamins.It is believed that low levels of vitamin B3 or Niacin, vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, and Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine, in the blood may play a significant role in the occurrence of Seborrheic dermatitis However, vitamin deficiency can also cause brittle nails, leading to a breakage and peeling of the horizontal layers of the nail tips. What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Brittle Nails? In order to have healthy nails, adequate nutrition is necessary. For brittle nails, vitamin deficiency in A, B, C, and D is often associated. Vitamin A deficiency affects the nails and makes them brittle as this. Some people can develop a vitamin B12 deficiency as a result of not getting enough vitamin B12 from their diet. Those adhering strictly to a vegan or vegetarian diet are at a greater risk of B12 deficiency because B12 is naturally found in meat, fish and dairy products. The treatment for vitamin B12 deficiency depends on what's causing the condition. Most people can be easily treated with. In severe cases, having a vitamin B12 deficiency can damage the optic nerve. It can also connect blood vessels directly to the retina. This can cause double vision, blurred vision, and even vision loss. If you start seeing a decline in your vision, don't panic, see your doctor. 4 4 Vitamin Deficiencies that Cause Hair Loss. 1. Vitamin D. Vitamin D is prudent to hair growth as it stimulates the hair follicles and helps maintain thickness of existing strands. When discussing what vitamin deficiency causes hair loss, vitamin D is the most well-known, common culprit

In addition to severely dry skin, vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness (and eventual total blindness) and diarrhea 6. Correcting a Vitamin A Deficiency. Vitamins for Dandruff. Learn More. If you have one of these underlying conditions, working with your doctor to get them under control is the first step in correcting vitamin A deficiency 6. For those without an accompanying medical. Vitamin E is an important part of the central nervous system. A deficiency can cause nerve and muscle damage that leads to muscle weakness or pain. Feelings of numbness and tingling. This nerve. Sometimes bariatric surgery is not the cause of the nutritional deficiencies. They can be caused by not taking your supplements, or other reasons. Our weight loss specialists will examine your diet carefully to try to determine why you are having vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Vitamin B12 deficiency might cause you to feel confused or depressed. It's also linked to poor memory and dementia. Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. The signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include: extreme tiredness; weakness; pins and needles (especially in your hands and feet) mouth ulcers ; a swollen and sore tongue (glossitis) blurred vision; poor memory; depression; In rare. Since vitamin D is a vital nutrient to the body, not getting a sufficient amount of it can increase a person's risk of serious health problems. Therefore, it's important to understand what can cause a vitamin D deficiency, as well as the symptoms to be aware of Vitamin D deficiency can be caused by low exposure to sunlight, low consumption of dietary vitamin D over a period of time, problems with kidney or digestive tract function and obesity

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With dry lips vitamin deficiency of niacin may be the cause. Vitamin B-3, or Niacin, promotes healthy skin. Other symptoms you may experience include dermatitis, a swollen mouth or tongue. The recommended daily dose is between 14-20 mg. Adding foods like milk, beef, tuna, poultry, pork, beans, cereal grains and leafy green vegetables can help you get the vitamin B-3 needed to keep your skin. Niacin deficiency symptoms include issues with your digestive system. Usually, vomiting is harmless, but it can be a sign of severe vitamin B3 deficiency. You may also experience loose, watery stools several times a day. A prolonged bout of diarrhoea and vomiting can cause the body to lose more fluid than it can take in

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Vitamin B12,C AND D: Vitamin cdeficiency is known to cause scurvy which can cause gum disese vitb12 deficiency is also known to cause periodontal disease and vitamin d deficiency is also commonly responsible for gum disease. 4.6k views Reviewed >2 years ago. Thank. Dr. William Jakavick and another doctor agree. 2 doctors agree Can vitamin deficiency cause nail problems? Weak nails are most likely associated with a deficiency in B vitamins, calcium, iron, or fatty acids. Norris explains that it's best not to take iron as a supplement unless you know you're deficient. Instead, start taking a multivitamin that includes calcium and B vitamins. What vitamin deficiency causes lines in nails? If your body is low in. Severe vitamin D deficiency interferes with that replacement, leading to the softening of bones known as osteomalacia (or adult rickets), which causes pain and increases of osteoporosis. Shunning the sun and avoiding dairy can leave you with a vitamin D deficiency that might lead to bone pain. This can be difficult to distinguish from muscle or joint pain, but it generally manifests.

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Vitamin B12 (which is required by the body) helps in the formation of red blood cells and helps in keeping the nerves healthy. If vitamin B12 deficiency occurs (and is not overcome), it can cause. Possible Causes Of Vitamin D Deficiency In Children. The following factors and conditions could lead to vitamin D deficiency in children. Vitamin D deficient diet: Most foods don't contain vitamin D, and it is why vitamin D fortification has become vital. However, several children, especially picky eaters, don't get the required amounts of vitamin D even from fortified foods, increasing.

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Vitamin B Deficiency: There are total eight subtypes of vitamin B and out of them, the vitamins whose deficiency can cause muscle cramps are- vitamin B1 (thiamine), Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). The exact reason as to why these vitamin deficiencies cause muscle cramps is yet to be known. Advertisement . Calcium Deficiency: Calcium is the mineral that is present in. Vitamin B6 deficiency is usually caused by pyridoxine-inactivating drugs (eg, isoniazid ), protein-energy undernutrition, malabsorption, alcoholism, or excessive loss. Deficiency can cause peripheral neuropathy, seborrheic dermatitis, glossitis, and cheilosis, and, in adults, depression, confusion, and seizures

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A deficiency from vitamin B12 can be treated except if the cause is internal, wherein the body couldn't absorb the vitamin. However, if it is caused by not eating the right kinds of food that. Severe vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy. Scurvy in infants is rare because breast milk usually supplies enough vitamin C and infant formulas are fortified with the vitamin. Scurvy is rare in the United States but may occur in alcoholics and older people who are malnourished. Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency Adults feel tired, weak, and irritable if their diet is low in vitamin C. They may.

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The causes of deficiency of Vitamin B12 are typically classified as follows: 1. Low Intake of B12. Since your body does not naturally make Vitamin B12, you must depend on dietary sources and supplementation. The average daily requirement of an adult is about 2.4 micrograms, with the best sources being animal products 3. Although there are plant-based sources of Vitamin B12, studies have proved.

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