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Preparing groundbait for the Method feeder Pour the groundbait into a round bowl - this shape is best to ensure an evenly textured mix Add the water, slowly and a little at a time, continually mixing it through with your other han Well, one day the other week i was helping a young lad with his fishing and helped him to fish the method feeder for the first time but as it happened, the lad only had some red crumb groundbait so i wondered how well it would bind to the feeder. Anyway i mixed it for him and let it stand for about 20 mins, loaded the feeder and it was totally fine. Moulded on nicely and came off once on the bottom and wasnt long before he was into his first fish which was a nice Carp of probably. Firstly, let's strip everything back to basics. The main principle of the Method feeder is to present a neat pile of bait on the bottom, with the hookbait sitting right in the middle of the loosefeed. The fish comes into the peg, looks to eat the whole pile of loosefeed and takes the hookbait without realising. The short nature of the hooklength creates a bolt effect and the fish hooks itself against the feeder

This is done by 'double-skinning' the feeder, which basically means putting two layers of bait on it. Using a Method mould, the first layer of bait is applied to the feeder, then the Goo is blobbed on, and finally the mould is refilled with bait. The feeder is pushed into the mould again so the second layer is added to seal the Goo in For coarse mixes a larger mesh groundbait riddle is needed; for finer mixes a pinkie riddle with smaller holes is better. Fishmeal, in particular, soaks up a lot of water and it pays to over-wet it on the first wetting. Leave the groundbait for about half and hour, then riddle and add more water if you think it needs it. When the groundbait is right a light squeeze in one hand should hold it together, but it should crumble into fine particles very easily Groundbait is the bait of choice for method feeder fishing. Anglers also use pellets for this method sometimes. If you pack groundbait around these method feeders, you will have a compact mound of the bait with your hook attached on a hook length. Upon contact with the water, this groundbait will begin slowly dissolving, forming a cloud of bait in the water. This aromatic cloud of bait will attract carp to it, potentially leading them to bite into the hook bait presented amongst the groundbait Getting your groundbait mixed perfectly will give you better results on the bank. Bait-Tech's Andy Neal shows you how with this step-by-step guide to getting.. This is usually because they have mixed it too wet, Nick said. I have a way of mixing my Method groundbait, which makes it fool-proof. To mix Nick's loosefeed, he starts by emptying a pint of Green SwimStim and a pint of Marine Halibut Pellet groundbait into a bucket, before a handful of fishery micro pellets are added

Concocting a great Method Feeder mix needn't be difficult and hopefully this short video will show you just how simple it can be Add any further extra ingredients (maggots, worms etc) if avaliable at the venue, then add the retained sweetcorn juice, possibly some extra water to create a stiffer mixture ready for use as loose groundbait to throw in, or with feeders If you are looking for a more in-depth look at how to set up this rig I have written a full post on setting up a method feeder rig if you want to learn some more. 1. Feed the line through the method feeder with the rubber tube section at the top facing towards the rod tip. 2 Add some water, leave it for a minute or two and then shake the excess water through the holes and wait for another 5-10 minutes before testing again. If you drop the feeder into the water and the pellets don't break away at all after a few minutes then your mixture is too wet Slowly add one part water to six parts mix, stirring continuously. It's always a good idea to keep the lid on the bucket of finished mix to prevent it drying out. (Image credit: Angler's Mail

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Using a flatbed Method feeder, he looks to build the swim slowly, letting the fish come to him. I'm a big fan of the Method, Ian said. I have used it for bream fishing for many years and I have always been impressed with how well it allows me to catch decent bream. Plus, like many waters where there are carp, the bream here have moved wholly over to fishmeal baits. You can use sweet. A mix of the same flavoured groundbait and pellets is perfect for cage feeders. I find that sweet groundbait is more effective than strong fishmeal recipes in cold, wintry conditions. It doesn't appear to fill fish up quickly and can be used as a carrier for introducing anything from pellets to naturals. A pal of mine uses F1 groundbait and micros on canals, which works a treat When the water starts to warm, I gradually cut down on the amount of leam until I'm fishing pure groundbait. For the feeder mix, I add two-inches of crumb into a three-pint tub before mixing in a handful of casters and half-a-handful of pinkies. As it is still bitterly cold at the moment, I don't need lots of particles to hold the fish in the swim. On the pole Again, as I'm after. The Method Feeder is a bit of a forgotten tactic within the carp angling scene, yet it's one of the top methods within match fishing. It has so much going for it. Rigs rarely tangle on the feeder, you can cast onto a variety of lake beds, and it gives a lovely pile of bait right around your hook bait. Mixes need to be right though. You need to create a packed, attractive concoction with correct consistency. It need to be damp enough to be squeezed around a feeder, but not too. How to: Mould the mix around the feeder. 1. Fill the palm of your hand with the groundbait mix you've just made and then place the feeder on top of the bait like so. 2. Fill your other palm with Method mix and push it over the top of the empty feeder and squeeze hard with both hands to mould it around the frame. 3

Feed Mix Options for Method Feeder Fishing. I mentioned earlier that a vital factor to maximise your catch when method feeder is to be able to consistently cast to the same area. An equally vital factor is preparation of the feed bait. If you watch any of the free videos about method feeder fishing, you will note that about half of the content is dedicated to this aspect, that said, of course. METHOD FEEDER CARPING! 02 Start by tipping some groundbait into a round bucket or bowl 03 Additional baits can now be added suck as Sweetcorn plus liquid 04 Response Pellets will also add texture breaking down in the mix 05 Crushed boilies add some larger food items to attract the carp 06 Mix all the dry ingredients together and begin to add the liquids 07 The mix will be quite dry at.

Method feeder fishing is in full-swing, but despite it being a fiendishly simple tactic, it can be more tricky to master than many imagine. Carp have become accustomed to finding bland feeder pellets dotted around a lake every single day, and those tip-slamming bites become less frequent Match Method Mix is simple to mix. Empty the 2kg bag of groundbait into a round mixing bucket, fill a 2 pint maggot tub with water, pour this onto the groundbait and mix thoroughly, then allow it to rest for 30 minutes, during this time the water will be absorbed into the groundbait. Then for best results; to remove any lumps and create an even consistency, pass the groundbait through a riddle and it is ready to use Creating your own method mix gives you a massive amount of freedoom. Particles such as hemp, pellet and corn are a great combination to include in the mix, though you can also soften some pellets to mould around the feeder or simply buy a specific method/groundbait mix straight off the shelf. Personally I like to include a few different food. Grant Albutt's top groundbait mixes. Top matchman Grant Albutt reveals his top groundbait mixes and the best ways to mix them for fishing on stillwaters, canals and rivers Groundbait is a great way of pulling fish into your swim without the fear of over-feeding them. Fishing over a carpet of good quality groundbait, packed with its own.


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