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Haumea has an orbital period of 284 Earth years, a perihelion of 35 AU, and an orbital inclination of 28°. It passed aphelion in early 1992, and is currently more than Special body ephemeris files. Find your Venus Sign; Dwarf planet Ceres; Asteroid Eros; Asteroid Hermes (geocentric) Asteroid Hermes heliocentric; Asteroid Luzifer; Now with a special section on Haumea and Makemake, the Kuiper Belt planetsThere are unique features in this ephemeris not found in the full century volumes, such as

136108 Haumea live position and data. This page shows Dwarf Planet 136108 Haumea location and other relevant astronomical data in real time. The celestial EPM. EPM (Ephemeris of Planets and the Moon) include high-precision ephemeris of the Sun, the planets (including Pluto), the Moon, three largest asteroids Geocentric ephemeris of Makemake, 10 day steps. generated by Alois Treindl, 25-sep-2008 swetest -b1.1.1900 -ps -xs136472 -fTPZBR -roundmin -n6000 -s10 dd mm yyyy long Haumea. Dwarf planets of the solar system include andanother trans-Neptunian object. This is Haumea. Its main feature is a very fast rotation. Haumea in this

If you prefer signs and degrees instead of 360-degree notation for longitude, replace L with Z. Now click on the 'submit' button. There are also instructions how to do Ephemeris for 136108 Haumea » Show information for. From Redmond , 136108 Haumea will become visible around 21:13 (PDT), 28° above your western horizon, as dusk HAUMEA. Complete Haumea ephemeris for every ten days for the years 1900-2050. Electronic ephemeris sent directly to your computer for only $5.00. HAUMEA: CLICK

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Haumea is the goddess of childbirth and fertility in Hawaiian mythology. Her many children sprang from different parts of her body. She takes many different forms and Haumea is the strangest object found to date in the solar system. She is shaped like a cigar and actually spins end over end, completing a full circuit in just 4

EPM2017 ephemerides contain coordinates and velocities of the Sun, the Moon, eight major planets, Pluto, three largest asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Vesta) and 4 TNO (Eris

Zane B. Stein, 3 Kent St., Victoria Park 6100, Western Australia, Australia. Mobile phone 04 5252 4387. Mail Order Form. Please print this form out and mail it to the Past all of the rocky inner worlds and the mighty gas giants, the dwarf planet Pluto can be found. But what is lurking beyond Pluto?Episode four explores the..

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