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Stamping presses are standard machines with an extensive range of basic equipment for stamping classic sheet metal parts off the coil. In the range from 1,250 to Stamping presses with servo drive are available with 1,000 kN and 2,000 kN. Your advantages . Fast and flexible adjustment of the slide movement to the workpiece with

More Performance pays off: Schuler's hot stamping presses and press line concepts with PCH flex technology guarantee superior quality, reliability and Stamping & Cutting Technology Überall in der Industrie zuhause. Schneid- und Umformsysteme von Schuler. Schneid- und Umformsysteme von Schuler sind in Stamping and cutting systems from Schuler. Stamping and cutting systems from Schuler are used successfully in a very wide range of industries. They permit sheet

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The intent is to educate users of all type of presses on the options you have when selecting your next, stamping, forming, mechanical, hydraulic or forge press Stamping press for sale: Multi position stamping press Schuler T2-1500-8-500 - 1500 ton (ID:75786). London, United Kingdom. Click to Request Price. Top Seller

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  1. SCHULER TH 1200 hydraulic stamping press with decoiler straigthener and feeder. Y.O.M. 200
  2. Schuler gibt mit innovativen Entwicklungen und zahlreichen Patenten die entscheidenden Impulse für die Münztechnik. So konnten schon um die Jahrhundertwende auf
  3. https://www.surplex.com/ You are looking for a used machine? Then you might be interested in this used machinery offer: SCHULER MCF800 High-speed Stamping Pr..

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  1. Automotive Press Technology Eine Klasse für sich. Systemlösungen zur Großserienfertigung. Die Zukunft beginnt mit Schuler: Mit hochwertiger Ausführung und der
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  3. imum cycle time of eight seconds and up to four parts per stroke at a reproducible high quality: Schuler's PCHflex technology allows faster cooling of t..
  4. g processes, capable of high torque values, due to the use of direct drive torque motors. This series features a design without flywheel and clutch for simplified maintenance and allows operation in the pendular stroke mode, that offers considerable reduction in.
  5. Stamping press for sale: Stamping transfer press Schuler - 800 ton (ID:75100). All details of this offer (condition, price, delivery terms) will be received from
  6. stamping high-speed blanking double connecting rod. motorized press. Force: 630 kN - 2,000 kN. The twin-rod high-speed blanking press is ideal for a cost-effective
  7. Stamping press for sale: Sheet stamping press Schuler E4-500-3.1-850 - 500 ton (ID:S75925).All details of this offer (condition, price, delivery terms) will be

SCHULER ES 4-800-4,5-320, new 1986, Blanking Press with WEINGARTEN Coil Line, Longitudinal- + Side-Stacker and 2 moving bolsters: Press: Cap. 800 tons, Bed 4.. 630 TON SCHULER M# BH-630-3.8 x 2.3 HYDRAULIC PRESS. Manufacturer: Schuler; MODEL: BH-630-3.8x2.3 MANUFACTURER: Schuler YEAR: 2007 Press Total Weight: (123000 Mass-production stampings, produced on a monoblock servo press, press force: 2,500 kN (280 US tons). Stamping and forming systems from Schuler are used This is The powertrain is the heart of every car, which is why reliable components are essential for every engine. Especially in times of electrical and hybrid vehic..

Schuler Press creates cutting-edge metal stamping presses that allow for production optimization within your industry. Schuler's a huge name in the automotive industry working with such cutting-edge auto manufacturers as Porsche, BMW, and Tesla; it is crucial that we carry Schuler presses in our inventory for our customers to experience the innovation and efficiency that comes with a Schuler. Schuler Stamping Press For Sale. 1,800 Ton Capacity Schuler Straight Side Presses For Sale (2 Available) by . 1,800 Ton Capacity Schuler Straight Side Presses For Sale - Used Model: SML4-1600 Year: New in 2007 Total Capacity: 1,800 US Tons (1,600 kN Tons) Bed & Slide Area: 3600mm x 2600mm Stroke: 1100mm Adjustment: 530mm Shut Height: 1440mm Speed: 8-20 SPM Note: 2 Available . Categories Used. Schuler AG is a German company headquartered in Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg which operates in the field of forming technology and is the world's largest manufacturer HONGER Machine - Serve Unique Stamping Automation Equipment for Sheet Metal Processing.Need professional coil handling solution? Contact by: june@he-machin..

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